Flash workaround for playing HI2 & HI1 after 2020

The following is a way to continue playing HI2 and HI1 past the removal of Flash support from browsers at the end of 2020 for windows computers.
NOTE: Flash software is no longer maintained by Adobe.

  • #1) Download Flash Projector for Windows here: Adobe Flash Projector For Windows

  • #2) Download and place anywhere you want to start HI2.

  • #3) Run the flashplayer_32_sa.exe (windows)

  • #4)This will open a mostly white empty application, at the top, click FILE -> OPEN (On Mac's may not show the white)
  • #5) Enter The following (Copy Paste It--Must be exact, case matters) for:
    Make sure your account is setup and active via website if you have any problems.
    Advanced Shortcut Creation for Windows:
    If you would like to create a shortcut for a server for the above setup in windows, you can follow these steps.

  • Right click on the "flashplayer_32_sa.exe" projector that you downloaded above -> Click "Create Shortcut"
  • Right click on this new icon "flashplayer_32_sa.exe Shortcut" -> Click "Properties"
  • Under General Tab - Rename the Icon to "HI2-Eternal" or similar.
  • Click Under Shortcut Tab - Scroll to the end of the Target: existing contents. (Do not edit/delete this!)
  • Add a space, and then the URL shown above for your desired server after the existing target contents.
  • For Example in "Target:" I have: C:\xxxxxxxx\flashplayer_32_sa.exe http://hi2.horseisle.com/client/HI2Client.swf?SERVER=
  • You can add the &USER=name to the end like i have to save typing username at login.
  • Click "OK" at the bottom. Now, you should be able to doubleclick that icon to save time :)
  • You can repeat process for any other servers you play on.